Hello Hello!

Literally what I look like.안녕~! I’m Kirryn, but a good friend started calling me “Rinnie” which evolved into “Rin”, which is what I tend to use when messing around online. Either works, really! I’m not a giant seabunny in a human costume at all. Nope. Not remotely. Not one bit…I promise!


I’m a crazy doll girl living in a purple-flower city about 3cms away from the sun. I love the sea more than anything and I go to the beach a lot — I’m a lifelong seawitch and a ridiculously typical Pisces. I’m a writer by trade, temperament, and probably habit. My current projects are a light novel magical girl series I’ve been working on, technically, for more than half my life (coming out in September 2020, hopefully), a post-apocalyptic retelling of Snow White, and a novella about a girl and her two ghosts (no idea when those two will come out).

I love the ocean, music (the Manic Street Preachers own my soul), animu & mango (especially CLAMP’s magnum opus, Tokyo Babylon), all things Tolkien, milky choco coffee, Pullips, minor characters, makeup and K-beauty, hanafuda, oddly cute things, Muzi from Kakao Friends, and not having migraines. Kpop is probably my guiltiest pleasure. I don’t know, Bangtan who? *shifty look*

I’m on twitter, insta, failbook, and now and then I remember I have a tumblr. I sometimes play PokéFarm Q and Flight Rising, too!